Why me ?

Electrical Productions (WGTN) Limited

I take pleasure in meeting your own high standards
Satisfaction of a job well done
Save clients money through efficient and effective solutions
Creative, simple, economical, inventive and green solutions
I have the benefit of 6 years experience solving a variety of problems

Chris Wilson | Director
Electrical Productions Wgtn Ltd
L5 Certificate Electrical Engineering

Point of difference

  • Solar Generation and Heating Systems
  • Retro / Classic Appliance Restoration
  • Retro / Classic Light Fittings Renovated to Modern Function
  • Lighting for Parties and Special Events

What my customers Expect

  • Clear Communication and Clear Expectations for everyone from Start to Finish
  • Quick and Thorough Solutions for Problems, and / or Clear Communication that Research is required
  • Working together to decide on the Best Option, You will steer toward your Preferred Option and will explain why, but Will Not Force Decisions
  • Safety Management visible throughout the Job
Electrical Productions (WGTN) Limited

22 Reasons for choosing eletrical productions as your electrician

  • Deal Direct with the Person who does the Work
  • Creative Problem Solving, Often on a Shoestring
  • Simple Solutions for Complex Problems
  • Custom Built / Designed Solutions to Fit your Needs
  • No Set Ideas about How Things Should Be, Just after the Best Solution
  • Accept that No Two Jobs the Same
  • Flexible and Adaptable
  • No Assumptions, will ask the Awkward Questions to avoid Problems later
  • Work with Problems until Solution is Found
  • Environmentally Sensitive
  • Integrity and Excellence
  • Honest and Trustworthy
  • Uncompromising Ethic of Excellence
  • Insist on the Right Parts / Products, No Substitutes or Quick and Dirty Fixes
  • Stress Free Service
  • Clear Communication
  • Clear Expectations
  • Structured Approach
  • Customer Experience
  • Personable
  • Down-To-Earth
  • Deliver Beyond Expectation

Brand Value

Careful faxt finding to make sure you get what you want

I aim for you to be completely happy about my work long after I've finished doing it. This means I ask questions and think outside the box. No matter how simple your job looks I take care to understand what will serve you best before I think about how to do it. When that's sorted, I give you clear information and advice about the best ways to do what you want.

  • Treat your job as one of a kind, ask questions to avoid problems later
  • No production line fixes, I'm after your best solution
  • Ask how I can make your life easier. Sometimes what you ask for isn't what you actually want
  • Explain options and tell you which I think will work best in your situation
  • Negotiable, cooperative - can take advice and instruction as well as give it
  • Create effective, elegant and economical solutions for unusual challenges
Electrical Productions (WGTN) Limited
Electrical Productions (WGTN) Limited
A smart and individual Approach to problem Sloving

Expect inventive, adaptable, environmentally sensitive and customised solutions which can often be delivered on a surprisingly small budget. Give me a simple problem and I'll deliver a no-nonsense solution. Give me a complex problem and I'll solve it as simply as possible. Whatever the problem, my solution always has to make sense, and if problems crop up I persist until they are solved.

  • Flexible, inventive, adaptable and creative problem solving, often on a surprisingly small budget
  • Simple solutions for complex problems
  • Solutions that make sense
  • Custom built/designed solutions to fit your needs
  • Environmentally sensitive

Experience You Can Trust

  • Deliver Quality and Excellence beyond Expectation, go the Extra Mile
  • Persist if unexpected Problems Crop Up
  • Make sure your Work is 'Done Right'
  • Integrity, Honesty and Trustworthiness
  • Insist on the Right Parts / Products, no Substitutes or Quick and Dirty Fixes
  • Competent, Experienced
Electrical Productions (WGTN) Limited